About the Jmol Applet

The Jmol application/applet is open-source software (i.e., the software and source are freely available for use and for developement) that is designed to display chemical molecules. It is similar in appearance and operation to RasMol. See below for a list of examples of Jmol use in the Penn X-ray Facility. To obtain Jmol and see more examples of Jmol use, go to the Jmol website.

An example of the use of Jmol in archiving structural results in the X-ray Facility.

A collection of small molecules encountered in General and Inorganic Chemistry.

A tutorial on the importance of shape in chemistry.

A porphyrin with chloroform molecules "nestled" on each side.

Demonstration of intermolecular hydrogen bonding in a tetra-peptide.

A pair of molecules known as the "hugging molecules".

Molecule displayed with a van der Waals "dot surface".

A space-filling model drawn using the stand-alone Jmol application.

Jmol analyses of various unit cells.

Jmol molecular movies.

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